Jumping Off the Bus

We have wanted to get our homestead up and running for years…literally years.

However, stuff just keeps happening and nothing gets done.

This is the way of man – we get distracted.  We get off task.  So it’s time to jump off the normal bus and see what I can do.

I realized that I was replaying a chapter of my life from long ago – a period of time when I was doing something that I hated for people I did not respect.  I changed my career then, and I am doing it again.

I jumped off the bus last week. I am done with safety and construction.  I am taking a lower paying job so I can go back to school full time.  My studies will enable homesteading.

We are not done – we are reorganizing. We will farm ,we will build community, and we will make a lasting impact.  Just you wait and see.


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