Country Sayings Saturday

The wit and wisdom of country people explained.  Today’s selection:

“Like a new goose on a new world” –  Anytime a goose of any age is in new territory, they make a world of racket.  You see, goose family members keep track of one another in the fluidness of the flock by making a series of short honks. When they come closer to staging areas, resting areas, or feeding areas, you may hear the honking pick up in tempo and also hear some additional, longer honks included. We can only assume that this communicates to the others to pay attention or that landing is imminent or there is something nice on which to crap. This happens each day when the geese are let out of their pens into the garden or pond, even though nothing has changed overnight.

This phrase, then, means to be without a clue or knowledge of previous events.

This phrase is often applied to teenagers who, for instance, appear to forget, overnight, where their shoes are or are not.  For example, in response to, “Moma, where are my shoes?” One might hear, “Good Lord, child, you wake up like a new goose in a new world! Your shoes are at the bottom of the steps.”

Fathers, on the other hand, are more taciturn.  They will simply reply, “I don’t know, I didn’t wear them last.”


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